4th HKBDFI Cup in HK

With the endorsement from the Ballroom Dancers’ Federation International (BDFI), the Hong Kong Ballroom Dancers International (HKBDI) organized its 4th HKBDFI Cup on 15th February 2015.

Lawrence Chan, BDFI International Director, who formed HKBDI in 2011 with the guidance of BDFI, organised its inaugural HKBDFI cup in 2012. The event have since grown in success year on year.

This year’s HKBDFI Cup was for the first time held in Hotel Regal Riverside Hotel. The venue is not as spacious as TST Kaifong Welfare Association Hall, where last year’s event was held, but never the less it is a more glamorous venue.

The Lunar Chinese New Year was this year celebrated on 19th February. Traditionally people go away for holidays or have New Year dinner gathering during the period approaching Chinese New Year. As a result, registration of only 111 adult couples were recorded a few days before the competition. Having said, and beyond all expectations, 123 Solo dancers had registered which broke all previous records!

At last year’s HKBDFI Cup an innovative brand new event of “HK Permanent Resident Amateur Standard” (HKPRAS) was added. The expiry of one year’s test period for this special & unique event in Hong Kong came to the conclusion and has proven to be very successful.

The 5th HKBDFI Cup will be held on the 27th March 2016 and will see the birth of 2015 All Year Round Champions of HKPRAS. They will be sponsored with air fares to compete overseas under the banner of HKBDI together with All Year Round Champions of HK Amateur Standard & Latin, HK Professional Standard & Latin, Open Amateur Standard & Latin, Open Professional Standard & Latin.


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