BASE – Committee meeting – June 2016



The list below from L to R is: Nicola Nordin, Stephen Hillier MBE, Janet Gleave, Hans Galke, Denise Weavers, Jukka Haapalainen, Lynn Harman, Michael Barr, Carmen, Kenny Welsh, Hazel Fletcher, Espen Salberg, Loraine Barry, Colin James, Alison Fulham and Meryem Pearsson. Missing from the photo but fellow members of BASE are Richard Gleave OBE, Anthony Hurley, Evelyn Hoermann, Caterina Arzenton and Peter Eggleton.

This meeting followed the British Open Championships In May 2016 and this is a summary of the .
overall opinion.

The committee were in total agreement that in both Ballroom and Latin competitions, Professional, Amateur, Youth, Rising Star and Senior dancing was superbly outstanding in depth.


The music from the Empress Ballroom Orchestra gave a wonderful performance all week, which included new tunes and some exciting and different rhythms. Arguably the orchestra is considered one of if not the best orchestra in the world for Ballroom and Latin dancing. It was thought that if some authentic instruments pertaining to the character of the dances being played could be also included it could enhance the music even further.


Tanning make up from more than 50% of the competitors was considered totally unbecoming. Colours from Green, Dirty Bronze and Black were commonly on show, which it was agreed did not enhance the look of the competitive dancer. Mens latin shirts began being discoloured too often creating a very dirty look on the floor. Competitors should keep this in mind as rewards could be gained if this distraction was not evident. Men wearing lipstick was also considered to be a little strange!!!


Certain aromas for a number of reasons continue. It was felt that should this continue then the audience and adjudicators alike may wish to say something which could be passed onto the competitors causing embarrassment all around.


It was thought that many of the ladies shoes were dirty and had worn out heel tips which looked messy. We have been informed by a major dance shoe manufacturer the ladies heels no longer have a nail in the centre that can damage a floor, therefore alleviating the necessity to have heel protectors!


There was much concern that a few of the Latin ladies wore underwear that was revealing slightly more than was necessary. Maybe if those ladies were made aware that it is in bad taste and considered to be improper behaviour they would rethink the cut of their costumes. It was felt that the Latin Ladies could learn something from the ladies who dance Exhibition. Those ladies are to be commended for the way their brief costuming allows them to show everything, but nothing!


As far as we know other than the competitors, no one else likes the present fashion of skin tight arms and body. The thought of it takes us back a few years when the Latin competitors wore cat suits! We have a varied opinion of expert Latin and Ballroom opinions on this committee. All of them are unanimous in the thought that a proper tailored jacket would create a more elegant image, thus enhancing the characteristic of the Ballroom style.


Definition = “The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group”. The committee agreed that unfortunately proper behaviour was not adhered to during many rounds of the Ballroom and Latin competitions and especially in early rounds at times a rather rough attitude of several competitors to each other was very noticeable. In Ballroom there were elbows cutting across fellow competitors throats! Often people sitting in the front row seats being threatened by stationary lines which for some obscure reason could not be performed other than, on top of some one sitting down? Hands were taken out of hold to push other competitors out of their way. This occurred in Latin as well. We feel that the competitors should be made aware that this does not go unnoticed by the adjudicators. In the Latin style many of the competitors almost fight for the space at the end and edge of the dance floor, thus resulting in a competition as to who can stop the other from claiming edge of floor presentation. We feel this could be considered invasive of both the adjudicators space and that of the audience sitting in the front row. How embarrassing is it to stop some one in the audience from having a clear view of other couples whilst having hips gyrating not only at face level, but in their faces!

In conclusion it was thought that a complete package would have far more beneficial advantages if attention to detail was endorsed regarding costumes, clean shoes, tan, hygiene and etiquette.

The committee applauded the British Open Championships for including the Jive from the first round for many years. It was thought a shame that not all Championships throughout the International dancing industry also include it from the first rounds, although we do understand time constrictions play a major part in deciding when or if the Jive should be included. We feel the Jive is an integral part of the Latin competition, therefore should be equally valued. A letter was sent to Sandra Wilson from the committee that we have the greatest respect for the traditions of the British Open Championships held in Blackpool. We therefore feel the Jive should remain in the Championships from the first round, unfortunately we have since heard that will not happen in 2017.

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