BASE = Body for Artistic Standards of Excellence


Five members of the now dissolved WDC Coaches Commission wish to continue their excellent constructive work and have reformed in a new group called BASE (Body for Artistic Standards of Excellence)

The body is a fully independent organization that will focus exclusively on maintaining and furthering the highest Standards for Ballroom and Latin Dance.

BASE has been formed by five members of the former commission, them being Loraine Barry, Carmen, Hazel Fletcher, Denise Weavers and Kenny Welsh.

The body proposes to meet several times a year around major UK competitions to discuss and make constructive comment and recommendations. Their findings will be published on various websites and media outlets to ensure transparency and provoke debate on the continual artistic improvement of Ballroom and Latin Dance.

The inaugural body has expanded to include other specialists within the field of Ballroom and Latin dancing namely Caterina Arzenton, Michael Barr, Alison Fulham, Hans Galke, Janet Gleave, Jukka Haapalainen, Lynn Harman, Colin James, Nicola Nordin and as special consultants Peter Eggleton, Richard Gleave OBE, Evelyn Hoermann Anthony Hurley, Espen Salberg and Meryem Pearson.

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