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Hazel Fletcher

Hazel Fletcher
Membeship Director

On behalf of the International Council of Directors of the BDFI, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and prosperous 2013. This message is to inform you of some of the events and further details regarding the BDFI.

The cost for the membership has remained unchanged or the forthcoming year commencing March 1st 2013. See our Members’ section on the website to register or renew.

We have now in place an upgraded website providing answers to any questions regarding the BDFI. The various pages are easy to scroll through and give information on renewal, the members of the International Council of Directors, congresses, our rules and what the BDFI stands for.

Two of our highlights throughout the year have been the BDFI congresses. The first is staged every January in Bournemouth at the Bournemouth International Centre. It is an annual event and occurs on the Monday afternoon preceding the United Kingdom Dance Championships. The congress is organised by the BDFI with kind permission from the organisers of the UK Championships, Dance News Special Projects Ltd. The date for 2014 will be 20th January.

The format for next year is 4 lectures 2 in each style of Ballroom and Latin. The entrance is free and if you wish to reserve a seat please send a letter with a S.A.E to Fredric Frennessen, the BDFI secretary toward the end of year. This will ensure your attendance at this wonderful spectacle. A full report, again with kind permission of Dance News and penned by Jack Reavely, appears on the BDFI website.

The second congress is during the Embassy Ball held annually in Irving California as part of the Embassy Championships 4 day festival of dance. Brian and Kristie MacDonald organise this competition which is always over the American Labour Day weekend occurring the first weekend in September. The BDFI in co-operation with Brian and Kristie organise a session of 4 lectures, 2 in Ballroom and 2 in Latin. Again the admittance is free to all attendees of the dance festival. A full report of the previous congresses can also be found on the website.

Jerry Abrate, the Italian National Director, has also organised BDFI congresses in Italy together with Serena Lecca and plans are in place for this to continue. Throughout the World there are several competitions organised by BDFI members, making us a truly international Federation.

Delegates from the BDFI regularly attend meetings of the World Dance Council and its various sub-committees to give our members a voice on the world stage and have an input on decisions that affect various aspects of our Profession.

The BDFI also award a scholarship the the winners of the 2 Blackpool Rising Star events for amateurs. The Ballroom award is the “Benny Tolmeyer” and the Latin award is the “Bill and Bobbie Irvine MBE” and the winners receive their scholarship money from Chinese Taipei National Director Mr Alan Yeh who wishes the names of these famous former Icons of the Dance World to be remembered.

The BDFI also award extra prize money to both the International Professional Rising Star events in October in Brentwood and also the 4 BDF Star Championships in January to BDFI members who gain a place in the final providing both members of the partnerships have been BDFI members for at least one month prior to the event.

Wishing your continuous participation in BDFI matters great success,

Kind regards,
Hazel Fletcher
Membership Director BDFI

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