30th Nov 2017

Embassy BDFI Congress – 2017

The BDFI congress is presented at the Embassy annually with kind permission of Brian MacDonald and family. The lecturers engaged are always judges attending the event. This year there were 3 lectures in American Rhythm, International Latin and then Ballroom.

20th Apr 2017

6th HKBDFI Cup

Report Lawrence Chan, International Director, Hong Kong on the 6th HKBDFI Cup.

26th Oct 2016

US Congress at the Embassy – 2016

Hazel Fletcher reports from the US Congress at the Embassy

12th Apr 2016

UK Congress 2016 – Part 2

Jack Reavely reports from 2016 UK Congress and An audience with Anthony & Fay Hurley.

01st Apr 2016

UK Congress 2016

Jack Reavely reports from the UK Congress in Bournemouth. Part 1 of 2

31st Mar 2016

HKBDFI Cup 2016

Lawrence Chan reports from the 5th HKBDFI Cup in Hong Kong

05th Apr 2015
Sammy Stopford & Barbara McColl

19th UK Congress – Part 2

Jack Reavely reports from the 19th UK Congress in Bournemouth Part 2. An Audience with Sammy Stopford & Barbara McColl.

25th Feb 2015

19th UK Congress – Part 1

The eager participants, and attenders too, at this year’s BDFI Congress were rewarded with some superb information, coupled to seeing just how good dancing should look and also the magnificence of seeing and hearing Sammy Stopford and Barbara McColl

24th Feb 2015

4th HKBDFI Cup in HK

With the endorsement from the Ballroom Dancers’ Federation International (BDFI), the Hong Kong Ballroom Dancers International (HKBDI) organized its 4th HKBDFI Cup on 15th February 2015.

26th Oct 2014

BDFI Congress at the Embassy Ball – 2014

Four lectures, each of thirty minutes duration, is the annual format as part of the five day Embassy Ballroom Championships, Irvine, California and this year taking place in the Grand Ballroom following the matinee session on Thursday