BDFI National Directors’ Responsibilities

  • National Directors of the BDFI are elected at the AGM of the Federation each year. Nominees must reside in the country they represent and there must be a minimum of 10 members from this country. In between AGMs, Acting National Directors may be appointed by the International Council of Directors (ICD) to be ratified at the AGM.
  • National Directors are responsible for the following actions within the country they represent
  • Communication of information sent to them from the Co-ordinating Director to the individual members within their home country.
  • Distribution of agendas etc. for General Meetings (e.g. AGM).
  • Collection of membership subscriptions and members’ details and forwarding these to the Membership Director in good time. (N.B. deadline of 15 April for members to be registered in time for AGM elections).
  • Reporting regularly to the ICD via the Co-ordinating Director about activities within their country and the concerns of its members.
  • In addition to the above, National Directors may be interested in organising local congresses or competitions. Details of these should be agreed with the ICD in advance.

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