Much of the work of the BDFI happens behind the scenes; to give an indication to the outside world of some of its activities,  See below some FAQs

What activities is the BDFI presently involved with?

Various events, such as competitions, are run under the banner of the BDFI to promote awareness of the Federation and its ideal of harmony. Examples are the BDFI Cups and congresses held in various countries.

When a matter comes to the attention of the BDFI, which its council considers should be brought to the attention of the WDC or WDSF, it communicates with the appropriate body and may offer assistance.

What are the benefits of membership?

There are tangible benefits, such as discounts on a variety of dance-related products e.g. shoes, costuming, CDs etc. and, indeed, it is quite possible to save the cost of membership on a single purchase of, say, a pair of shoes. However, these are secondary to the main benefit of being part of an association, which has the best interests of competition dancing at heart.

As an individual, it is difficult to have an influence on important issues such as the rules that govern dancesport, for example. But as part of a group of thousands of like-minded members of a federation, one has the potential to make changes for the better.

The BDFI also presents congresses in various countries. These employ world-renowned experts to expound their beliefs on the important qualities of Ballroom (Standard) and Latin dancing.

For the last four years the BDFI has also sponsored the prize money for the Rising Stars events at the International Championships held in London each October. The prize money is doubled if the recipients are BDFI members!

What is the relationship between the BDFI and the WDC and the WDSF?

The objectives of the BDFI are:

a) To promote the spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship and to protect and advance the interests of all those, who have an interest in the competitive dance world.

b) To further the goodwill and co-operation between the BDFI, all those who utilise the services of its members and the governing Dancesport bodies worldwide.

The BDFI is an Affiliate Member of the World Dance Council.

The policy of the BDFI is one of openness. As such, minutes from General Meetings previously held and agendas of forthcoming meetings are freely available for all to see on its website, www.bdfi.org. Membership application is also possible via the website.

What is the relationship between the BDF and the BDFI?

The two organisations are entirely independent and self-governing.

Who can become a member?

Membership of the BDFI is open to anyone with an interest in the competitive dance world. This includes Amateurs as well as Professionals and various other interested parties such as promoters, sponsors, scrutineers etc. The aim of the BDFI is harmony throughout the dance world and it is unique in having this membership philosophy.

Why was the BDFI formed?

The BDFI was born as an offspring from the BDF. As a British federation, the BDF has representation on the British Dance Council. However, over the years, the proportion of overseas members of the BDF steadily increased and it was felt that for them to be represented effectively, a separate international body should be formed. In January 1998 when the BDFI officially came into being, all overseas members of the BDF were automatically transferred to membership of the BDFI.

What is the structure of the BDFI?

The BDFI is governed by its International Council of Directors (ICD). This is composed of seven Executive Directors (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Financial Director, Membership Director, Public Relations Director, Co-ordinating Director) plus seven International Directors. The International Directors are elected by the membership at each AGM form the National Directors, who represent their country’s members.

It is of fundamental importance that the National directors (who represent their members in any country, which has ten or more members) and the seven International Directors selected from them are elected by the individual members of the Federation. This, and the fact that membership of the BDFI is entirely voluntary, are two of the main differences between the BDFI and the governing bodies, the World Dance Council and the International DanceSport Federation.

 What is the cost of membership and how does one join?

The membership subscription is currently £10 per year. Dancers wishing to join from a country, which already has a National Director, should contact him or her. Where a National Director is not yet in place, dancers may contact the Membership Director. If there are ten or more people wishing to join, why not select one of them to represent you and stand for election as the National Director for your country. Elections are held anually


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